About Us

JK Catering Equipment provide a wide range of catering equipment, repairs and services on both electrical & gas equipment to the following industries:

-  Hospitality e.g. hotels, hospitals, etc.
-  Retail e.g. restaurants, bakeries, butcheries, fast food outlets, etc.

We offer and commit to the following:

-  Quality and dependable after sale service
-  Supplying new equipment
-  Repairs & services on all ranges of catering & butchery equipment
-  Installation of gas lines with COC certificate
-  Guaranteed 24 hour response time on all break-downs

Our extensive product range include, but are not limited to:

-  Dishwashers
-  Fryers
-  Grillers
-  Ovens
-  Baine maries
-  Blenders
-  Mixers
-  Mincers
-  Sausage Fillers
-  Bandsaws
-  Slicers
-  Toasters
-  Beverage Coolers
-  Display Fridges
-  Under-bar Fridges
-  Extraction Canopies
-  Custom built cold and freezer rooms